Endotracheal Tube Holders

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  • Can be used with every brand & tube (cannula) model
  • Surrounds the neck softly in comfort
  • Skin touch surface absorbs the sweat with its cotton fabric
  • In case of long term use does not cause any allergy and irritation
  • Band made of a master material, consists of 3 different material laminated to each other 4mm (+-0.5mm)
  • Skin touch surface of the master material made of cotton fabric, upper part to cover the fixation velcro easily made of  feathered jersey, middle part made of foam to provide elasticity and smoothness
  • In single piece model, band fixes and locks the endotracheal tube by the plastic clamp in the middle narrow part of the band
  • One piece of fixation band in each pouch
  • Cannula can be placed and removed without moving the patients neck by the usage of single piece side-supported and two pieces models

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