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Simple, reliable and economic solution for prevent and manage heel pressure ulcers. This foot elevation device (Heel Protector) simple and cost-effective way to prevent and manage heel pressure ulcers by severely reducing and shear force on the heels. Designed to reduce the risk of pressure ulcers (pressure sores), pressure relieving or decubis while the patient is in bed or reclining for a long term. It fits around the ankle to raise the heel off of any surface.

  • With a spiral-cut foam ring which easily fits over liner that provides foot elevation and comfort and can be fixed to the wrist with velcro locks
  • Cylindrical body allows the patient’s feet to the right to the left and back and forth
  • Sponge structure provides softness and comfort
  • Cotton finished cover will not harm the skin
  • The product can be cleaned by hand or machine washed at 30 ºC
  • One size for easy application.
  • Heel aperture for offloading and skin inspection.
  • Offers optimal positioning
  • Made from medical grade polyurethane.