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  • Provides extreme comfort and easiness to the baby during IV cannula use
  • Designed to prevent the wrist from sprain
  • Support the arms and legs soft comfort
  • Can be shaped in three dimensions and keeps the shape
  • Can be used both hand and leg wrist
  • Band made of a master material, consists of 3 different material laminated to each other 8mm (+-1mm)
  • Skin touch surface of the master material made of cotton fabric, upper part made of special metal alloys coated with chroslinc polyethylene foam, middle part made of sponge to provide eleacticity and smoothness
  • Connection ribbons and velcro locks safely stable
  • Absorbs the skin with its cotton fabric in case of long term use does not cause irritation
  • Outer surface provides cleanliness with its antistatic structure

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