Phototheraphy Eye Protector Bands

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  • Single use
  • One band in each pouch
  • Prevents from the UV rays up to 450 Nm
  • Both type has 3 sizes; small, medium and large
  • Designed to protect the eye most ideal form
  • Covers the face closely and softly
  • Easy to use and fits the baby’s head
  • Extremely safe with connection ribbons
  • Absorbs the sweat with its cotton fabric
  • In case of long term use does not cause any irritation
  • Y Shaped, it has a special design combination of the elastic, smooth band and UV protected eye band
  • Supporter band covers the head safely and with its light permeability does not prevent the UV rays to the head
  • Its protective part consists of carbon foam which protects the eyes %100 from the UV rays
  • Air permeability texture of the product prevents the sweat

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