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  • Covers the wrist softly and safely
  • Made of a master material, consists of 3 different material laminated to each other 5mm(+-0.5mm)
  • Skin touch surface of the master material made of cotton fabric, upper part to cover the fixation velcro easily made of feathered jersey, middle part made of foam to provide elasticity and smoothness
  • Connection ribbon made of cotton textile and 75 cm long
  • Skin touch surface absorbs the sweat with its cotton fabric
  • In case of long term use does not cause any allergy and irritation
  • Patients assessed to be at risk of disrupting life-saving treatment or whose picking, pulling, scratching or peeling exacerbates a skin condition, causes self-injury, or compromises wound site integrity
  • Soft, and supported material
  • Initial hook and loop closure for additional security
  • Secures to the bed with quick-release buckles or ties
  • Adjustable size fits pediatric or adult limb
  • Wrist circumference 27 cm Gamma sterilized
  • With connection ribbons fixes securely
  • With its perdurable connection ribbon through the metal hoop can be fixed to the needed place

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